I Read Banned Books!


September 30−October 6, 2012


Know Your Rights!

1. The right to not read

2. The right to skip pages

3. The right to not finish

4. The right to reread

5. The right to read anything

6. The right to escapism

7. The right to read anywhere

8. The right to browse

9. The right to read out loud

10. The right to not defend your tastes

Daniel Pennac

Click to download a pdf poster version of your rights from Walker Books.

I Support Reader Privacy!

  Campaign For Reader Privacy logo and link 

The Campaign for Reader Privacy is at the center of a major effort by many of America's leading writers to address free speech and human rights concerns connected with the USA PATRIOT Act and the full range of antiterrorism laws and executive orders enacted since September 11, 2001

I Support a Kid's Right to Read!


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