Violence at Nephi Book Proposal

Finding the thighbone shattered by a bullet changed everything.

Up until then Ron Rood, Assistant State Archaeologist for the State of Utah, was working on a fairly routine "rescue" project.  After all, he was called out practically every month somewhere around the state to investigate the accidental discovery of ancient human remains.  In this case, a home owner digging out a new basement had unearthed a human skull.

Four days later Ron had recovered the remains of seven Native American young men. Their gunshot and bludgeoned bodies had been hastily flung into a shallow trench scraped into a dry ravine near the tiny village of Nephi in central Utah.  Dirt and a few planks were hastily thrown over the bodies.  

Had Ron stumbled upon a historic crime scene?  What happened at Nephi?  Who did this violence?  When and why did it happen?  What did the event signify to those involved?  What does it mean to us today?

These questions will be addressed in a juvenile non-fiction book, Violence at Nephi, for young people in grades 7 and up.  Violence at Nephi will deal with the technical subjects of forensic pathology, archaeology, historical anthropology, and pioneer history in an age appropriate manner.  In contrast to the currently popular TV crime scene shows, this book will guide the reader through correct forensics and correct fantastic notions.

It is anticipated to be up to 30,000 words or 110-160 pages in 10-12 chapters, but adjustments in length and format for specific ages or markets are possible.  The book will be well illustrated with photographs, sketches, line drawings, and maps.  Each chapter will contain a pertinent sidebar  on forensic anthropology, archaeology, pioneer history, and Native American ethnography and history of the Ute and related people.

Words! Mere Words! Was there anything so real as words? - Dorian Gray