Probing Our Planets

Probing Our Planets

Students will tour our Solar System viewing picturesque planetary panoramas.

Sessions will focus on the outer gas giants an the frost giants, the inner rocky terrestrials, asteroids, Trans-Neptunian Objects and comets.  Each session will include historical myth and antiquated notions, as appropriate, as well as the latest discoveries and theories of solar system formation.  The recurring theme is the new evidence brought to light by space probes and robotic missions.

Travel with Mercury's Messenger, Venus' Express, Mars' Rovers, Jupiter's Galileo, Saturn's Cassini, the outer planets' Voyager, and Pluto's New Horizons throughout our Solar System an beyond.

No special background is necessary.  All discussions will be in plain English; no mathematics will be deployed. 

"Peace will guide the planets."






Words! Mere Words! Was there anything so real as words? - Dorian Gray